Getting into it again!

I just started up with C25k again and it feels good. The hard part for me is getting motivated. It feels great though and I missed it.

 Work is much better now after getting the hang of it. Hopes of ever getting a raise is slim to none. I think it’ll be ok for now though. I do have health insurance and boy do I need dental right now.

 I started going to school again for my BA and off to a bumpy start but I passed all three classes of my first semester. I will try to breeze through the test at a steady pace. Life is good and I have been blessed in this life.


Getting into it!

 I’ve been stressed with work and it’s giving me so much anxiety. I need to move on but I would miss the people too much.

It probably isn’t worth the stress though. I’m not sure if I’d be able to find anything better but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a try.

 Ugh so to balance all this crap out I’m going to start exercising again. I put it off for a while now but I am ready. I will start with my nightly walks and build on sit-ups. I am ready to start living healthy. 

Getting Fit

  I’ve been feeling pretty crappy for the whole work week. I vaccumed, steam cleaned, and did a lot of laundry last weekend. I think I got some dust in my lungs while emptying the vaccum and all the other cleaning probably didn’t help my lungs. 

 There has been a cold or something going around the house. Combination of these things left me zonked. So cooking was out of the question except for on Wednesday. I managed to make this great fall salad. You take sliced apples, sliced red onion, spinach, feta, toasted pecans, and a apple cider vinegar dressing and mix it all up. Bacon not to be forgotten! Oh man it’s good!

 Besides that I’ve been eating leftovers from the weekend. We ordered Chinese food on Monday. I was living for the egg rolls! Something about comfort food! I also ordered shrimp chowmein and I got soggy cabbage with shrimp. It was both sad and confusing at the same time. Those egg rolls were awesome though.

 Wednesday we had bread from the pizza place. I ate a few piece and laid down. Being sick is the pits. Thursday I got the kids five guys and ate a piece of cheese bread. 

 I’m feeling way better now so I’m going to get back on track. I’m planning a meal all week starting today. I will get all ingredients between Saturday and Friday today! I will clean out the refrigerator first though!

I want to start working out too. I have yet to get into a routine. It’s gotta happen though. It’s just time to feel good!

Meal Planning

It’s going good overall and I take leftovers to work with me the next day. Someone stole my leftovers at work today. Hopefully they enjoyed it! 

 So we skipped our planned meal today since we both ate early dinners before I got home. We got the kids their kid food in between their practices.

 One new thing I’m trying is to eat when I’m physically hungry. So I pretty much skip breakfast because I’m rarely hungry first thing in the morning. I’ll just have a coffee then get ready for the day.

 My weight has gone down again close to what it was a few weeks ago. I even indulged at The Melting Pot for my birthday dinner. It seems to be ok to indulge on special occasions. I’ve mostly just been trying to keep my sugar intake low and keep out starches.

 One hard part about dieting is keeping everyone happy. Especially my ten year old. My solution was that she pick out a recipe with me. She seems to be excited about becoming involved with the process and is more willing to eat what I make now. My 12 year old wants to pick a recipe for this coming week as well. Meal planning can be fun when everyone gets on board.

Cutting it 

 It’s been hard but I’ve cut a lot of sugar and starches in the past week. I’ve been able to lose a few lbs in the past few days. It’ll probably take me a few more weeks to get back to where I was before I started sliding.

  I tried to follow the meal plan for the week. Today didn’t work out because there was no time to cook. I know sometimes people cook things then freeze them to heat up later. I think it would be good with spicy stuff like chili maybe. 

 I have not been completely carb free over the past few days. I’ve eaten a few fruit bars and a few macaroni bites. I need to finish those Mac bites because the kids won’t eat them. I think I’ll share them at work tomorrow.

 I will be really trying these next few weeks to get back in gear. I’ll start walking the dogs on a regular basis. That’ll be a good start.

I just weighed myself and I gained back those few pounds I lost in the past few days. Booooo. I guess I’ll get up at 5am and start walking the dogs, have some eggs, get something good at the Mexican restaurant tomorrow, and make chicken for dinner. I’ll keep trying and see how I feel next Thursday.


It’s too easy to eat the wrong things. Moderation has never been a friend to me. If I see chocolate I will eat all of it. So I will not be buying any more chocolate for at least a month 😟

This is the first week of meal planning for Monday-Friday. I’ll bump it up to a full week at some point. Sunday seems to be a good day to plan. I went on Pinterest for keto recipes and found some good ones. I put down all the ingredients in my notes. I emailed myself all the recipes. 

Monday-Chicken Chili

2 large chicken breast, garlic powder, onion, tomatoes(28ozcan) , 2cup chicken broth, tomato paste, chili powder, salt, pepper, cream cheese, cumin, butter

Tuesday-Taco shells
Provolone, garlic powder, Mexican spice 

Wednesday-Bacon chicken
Salt, asaggio cheese, bacon, egg, water, oil, 4 chicken breast, Parmesan, garlic, pepper

Thursday-Cheese soup
Jalapeño, bacon, butter, chicken broth, garlic, onion, celery seed, cumin, thyme, heavy cream, cheddar cheese, salt and pepper 

Friday-Baked 4 cheese spaghetti squash 
Spaghetti squash-2, garlic cloves, water, chicken bouillon, white cheese blend(white cheddar, mozzarella, asiago, provolone), thyme, pepper, green onions

I will have veggies or salads for starters before dinner. 😇


I gained 6 lbs since a week ago and all I can think is I’ve been eating too much crap and not working out. This is so annoying to me. It really goes to show what too much snacking does to me. Plan of the week is no more sugar, increase water, work out every day, plan meals of the week today, and not stress about any of it. I’ll check in next week and see if it works.

Carb up

I’ve been eating guilty food these past few days. Guess what? I’m gaining weight. So I’ll get back to The program of no crap. It’s so hard but I got to do it.

Cleaning Work

I need to clean my house and probably get rid of things too. I have recently been buying a lot of clothes. I been addicted to Threadup and getting so many cute things. I think I’m set for the year though because the closet is overflowing.

 My room is an absolute mess. The kids rooms are disasters. The Laundry room is a scary place. Our extra rooms need so much more love. I’d really like to caulk the bath room since it’s needed it before we moved in. 

 The yard work is another story. So much to do over all but it’s got to be done. Especially with school starting. Got to get back into schedules and what better way to start then with a clean slate.


I made crock pot carnitas yesterday. It was pretty good but not tender or spicy Enough. It would have been better if it cooked a few hours longer.

 I had a good time with the kids yesterday though. We went to a trampoline park and it was so much fun. I’m sore today but it was totally worth it.